Project Vision Statement

Our vision is to establish a co-housing neighbourhood based on the principles of caring, sharing and co-operation in harmony with the planet – a community that will serve as a model of social, environmental and financial sustainability.

 Within this vision, our aims are:

  • To design and construct a cohesive neighbourhood whose layout, buildings and services demonstrate the highest practical standards of sustainable human settlement.

  • To develop and foster a living environment which uses clear communication, decision-making and conflict resolution guidelines that promote tolerance, safety, respect and co-operation.

  • To assist in education and public awareness of sustainability, by demonstrating and promoting innovative community design and environmentally responsible construction incorporating reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.

  • To create a new future for young families by establishing a true inter-generational community who cares for each other, and believes it takes a village to raise a child.


Guidelines & Principles

  1. To have fun and enjoyment of life.

  2. To make allowances for Lotus Yoga Centre events, and acknowledge this will involve sharing of facilities and space with groups.  This may involve some compromise for residents.

  3. Create an equilibrium between privacy and community, where each individual is able to determine their own balance through respectful communication with others.

  4. The community will provide the environment for a conscious and healthy exploration of our diverse philosophies, ethnicities, cultures, religions and beliefs. 

  5. Care for and respect other people’s beliefs and ideals, and listen to the views of others without judgement.

  6. Take responsibility individually and collectively for our impact on the well-being of future generations.

  7. All members are encouraged to share their talents and knowledge with others and be open to alternative viewpoints.

  8. Live an inclusive lifestyle without walls (figuratively) and fences (literally).

  9. Have clear communication with efficient decision making.

  10. Live an environmentally sound lifestyle whilst enjoying modern comforts.

  11. To be guardians of New Zealand native flora and fauna whilst planting fruit and nut trees around the Community to provide a free and sustainable food source.

  12. Refrain from using chemicals that are harmful to the environment, i.e. organic gardening will be practised.

  13. Seek carbon neutrality through enlightened lifestyle choices.

  14. Do the best we can for the planet, until we know better. Acknowledge that doing the best we can will be different for each person, working towards continually growing our awareness.

  15. Strive to live in alignment with the awareness that all life is interconnected.

  16. All pet owners must be responsible for their own animals, and pets must be kept under control. They should not be allowed to wander the Village, be an annoyance to others, or chase birds and wildlife.

  17. The Community should accept and understand that new members need time to adapt, adjust, and grow into an awareness of the Community’s principles and guidelines.