Development Partners

The people that have helped make this incredible development possible.


Simon Wallace


Wallace Asset Management

Simon’s property development experience and vision has helped bring this development to reality.

Ben Gilpin.jpg

Ben Gilpin


Gil-plan Architecture

Ben’s stunning designs for the houses and community house and yoga centre are integral to the development.

Our Structural Engineers

Our Structural Engineers

Geert van de Vorstenbosch


Certa Engineering Ltd

Geert and the team at Certa are ensuring our buildings are structurally sound and the infrastructure can withstand whatever mother nature generates to test us.

Our House Builders

Our House Builders

Tim Suckling/Chris Herd

House builders

Manorbuild Ltd

This is where the magic begins. The houses are built in the factory. All the fine details are checked and then the little treasures are trucked to site.

Our Plannes and Surveyors

Our Plannes and Surveyors

Paul Turner


Landlink Ltd - Planners & Surveyors

Paul heads up the team of consultants at Landlink who work to help us get our resource consent, design our infrastructure and plan of the eco village.

Infrastructure Creators

Infrastructure Creators

Lance McCarty


RDL Group Ltd

This is the team creating our road and driveways. Bringing in all the services and helping us do our ecological bit with managing the water leaving our site.

Our joinery specialists

Our joinery specialists

Tim Calkin


Calkin Carpentry Ltd

Tim and Megan make a great team and will be creating our beautiful kitchens and bespoke joinery items in the houses. These guys are bamboo specialists.

Our House Movers and Pilers

Our House Movers and Pilers

House Moving Company

project manager

Company Name

These guys don’t just move the houses from the factory. They put them on the piles. Once that is done the homes are ready for the finishing touches.