The Process - A Roadmap


The success of this project requires active participation in the Lotus Eco Village.  If you like the concept and the location is acceptable to you, then we urge you to get involved.  Doing so soon will ensure that you get to shape your future home – this is what co-housing is all about.  Another consideration is that choice of house is on a first come – first served basis.  We cannot guarantee that houses will be left unsold once the project is built.

The process begins with attending an orientation meeting.  These are held regularly and are a good opportunity to find out more about the project.  In addition, reading books on Co-housing is one of the most useful and important things you can do at this stage, as it represents the foundation stone of what we are doing together. Purchasing a book(s) for inspiration and information is a worthwhile investment.  See Page 10 of the information booklet for a list of recommended reading.

The next step is to attend a monthly meeting of members.  This is the simplest way for you to experience who we are, and how we work.  This can be a time for brief questions and comments, but you attend as an observer.

Questions can also be asked on site visits and other outings. The minutes of past meetings will be available to browse at these meetings.  In addition, there may be videos, books and articles available to borrow.

Full participation involves a 10% deposit at the time of your house selection and gives you a final say in decision making.  In this way, the people making the decisions are the ones that live with the outcomes of those decisions.  The money that you pay becomes equity in your future home.

For more information, contact us through the contact page or phone Simon on 0294447213. We look forward to working with you, and to bringing this vision into reality.

Co-housing… building a better society - One neighbourhood at a time!